Remote Offshore Access Module (ROAM)

Connects your offshore team to our experts onshore
Safe and secure; you’re in control of our access to your Sonardyne system
Less people offshore reduces costs and logistics
Adaptive communications; automatically switches between communication links
ROAM operates on a monthly charge enabling for easy opex accounting
No need to pay for engineers waiting around offshore; remote engineers can stand down during non-operational periods

With you offshore, even when can't be

ROAM is our solution to those times when you need expert support with your Sonardyne technology, but it’s not always possible to have an engineer present with you. It connects your team to ours, meaning help is just a click away.

The Remote Offshore Access Module (ROAM) is a new way Sonardyne can provide operational survey services without physically attending the worksite. Using ROAM, Sonardyne engineers located anywhere in the world can provide you with expert, pre-arranged technical guidance during live marine operations; simplifying travel logistics, decreasing environmental impact and reducing operational costs.

This one-box, pay-as-you-go solution can be used to access a range of Sonardyne systems used within the offshore energy, science and defence sectors. Depending on the services required, ROAM can interface to Fusion 2 LBL, Fusion 2 INS, Ranger 2 USBL , Sentinel IDS, Vigilant FLS and other Sonardyne systems.
ROAM achieves the remote connections by setting up an online portal through a secure VPN connection. The hardware then connects via either cellular data connections, Wi-Fi or your satellite communications, and can be configured to automatically switch between these connections, minimising the risk of disruption in the sea-to-shore link, and ensuring the most effective service is being used.

ROAM allows Sonardyne engineers to take control and operate your Sonardyne system as though they were physically present at your location. All access is logged, and remote sessions are tracked allowing for a full audit trail.
Sonardyne engineer access via ROAM to your equipment can be restricted or removed by you at any time providing you with full control. If required, we can also arrange a portal for your engineers to access your systems on the vessel via the ROAM box.



  • Supports 3G, 4G, LTE, WiFi and your satellite via LAN
  • Requires client-supplied service if connecting via satellite
  • Extra data charges apply when using 3G, 4G, LTE
  • Cloud portal offering secure sea-to-shore access


  • Supplied in rugged, splash-proof carry case
  • Integrated router, antennas, glanded ethernet cables

Example Operations

  • Compatt box-In
  • Baseline calibration
  • SLAM calibration
  • Ranger 2 USBL calibration, Fusion 2 LBL and SPRINT INS operational services
  • System optimisation
  • System health check


  • ROAM hardware remains property of Sonardyne
  • What’s included (charged per month): rental of ROAM hardware, secure customer portal account, 2 x 12 hour shifts per month (additional shifts pay-as-you-go), user documentation
  • Flight carry-on: Yes
  • ITAR Controlled: No
  • UK Export License: Not required

More about this product

ROAM Datasheet

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