AvTrak 6 OEM Nano – AUV Swarm Tracking and Communications

Huge capability, small form-factor; perfect for man-portable and micro-AUVs
Combines tracking, communications, and emergency pinger functionality in one instrument
USBL mode for tracks every move your AUV makes
Bi-directional acoustic modem with user selectable data rates; 200-9,000 bps
Integrated outputs enable control of a release, burn-wire or drop-weight functions
Internal battery provides hours of emergency vehicle relocation tracking
OEM packing for developer integration into vehicle

Compact and versatile. Tracking and communications for small AUVs

For small and micro AUVs, AvTrak 6 OEM Nano provides inertial aiding, tracking, communicating and mission planning – all in an incredibly small form-factor. Fit it, and your vehicle will be equipped to undertake simultaneous USBL tracking via a surface vessel, and robust telemetry for AUV-to-vessel and AUV-to-AUV communications. In an emergency it also works as a pinger.

AvTrak 6 OEM Nano may be our smallest acoustic transceiver, but its features and performance are anything but. It’s built on the same 6G hardware and Wideband 2 digital signal architecture found in its larger cousin, AvTrak6, all packed into the smallest possible form factor. Use it with our popular MF USBL Ranger 2 family to track AUVs or seafloor nodes. Then use the Sonardyne Messaging Service (SMS) to exchange status messages with the USBL or other AvTrak 6 OEM Nanos in your vicinity. With over hundreds of units in the field, AvTrak 6 OEM Nano is ideal for AUV swarms.

With the electronics measuring at just 88 mm x 56 mm x 39 mm, you won’t find a smaller AUV transceiver with this much capability. Its omni-directional transceiver is small too, 50 mm diameter and 70 mm long. It has an operating range of 995 m.

Equipped with AvTrak 6 OEM Nano your UUV will receive unlimited data and share a message with up to 4 seconds of data with every navigation cycle. By supporting the integration of a data payload inside every navigation signal, this allows more data to be transferred to and from UUVs with fewer transmissions which ultimately reduces power consumption and increases mission endurance.

A common configuration enables the USBL system to communicate with a squad of UUVs equipped with AvTrak 6 OEM Nanos, broadcasting to all the position of each member of the squad to aid the navigation solution and improve their situation awareness. Each UUV then replies in sequence with status information.

AvTrak 6 OEM Nano can also be used to enable UUV-to-UUV communications and choose from seven telemetry schemes ranging from 200 bps to 9000 bps of effective user bandwidth.

Every AvTrak 6 OEM Nano is supplied with a detailed integration guide that takes you through the steps needed to interface it with your chosen platform. Plus you get access to our rich 6G protocols command language and RS232 serial interface. Add value to your AUV with improved tracking and communications.

Technical Features


  • Our smallest combined transponder, transceiver, and telemetry link
  • Emergency burn-wire, drop-weight, or release options
  • Open interfaces and protocols
  • Supports AUV swarm operations


  • Board set measures just 88 mm x 56 mm x 39 mm
  • Omni-directional and directional transducers options for all situations
  • Integrated depth sensor supports horizontal tracking
  • Low power and compact for ease of integration
  • OEM option also available


  • Depth rated to 3000 m and 7000 m
  • Effective data transfer rates between 200 and 9000 bps
  • Emergency battery life 30 days
  • Range precision better than 15 mm
  • LMF (14-19 kHz) and MF (19-34 kHz)


  • What’s in the box: AvTrak 6 OEM PCB, remote transducer, integration guide, manual
  • Warranty: 1 year return to Sonardyne service centre

More about this product

AvTrak 6 OEM Specifications

Feature Type 8262 OEM
Depth Rating 995 m
Frequency Band MF (19–34 kHz)
Transducer Beam Shape Omni-directional ±130°
Source Level (re 1 µPa @ 1 m) 184 dB
communication Interface Serial RS232
Pressure Sensor 50 bar abs +/-0.7% FS
Power Supply* 12.5–20 V dc
60 mW to 6 W (depending on battery charge state)
30 W peak power when transmitting telemetry
Battery Life – Quiescent Listening
5 Sec Ping Rate
>10 days
>15 hours
External Connections**
PL3-1 +V external DC Voltage 12.5–20 V
PL3-2 RS232 TX (PC Rx)
PL3-3 RS232 RX (PC Tx)
PL3-4 External trigger output – do not connect
PL3-5 External trigger input – positive pulse 3.3 to 15 V max
PL3-6 0 V (comms 0 V, no isolation between power and comms)
Transducer Wire Length*** 150 mm (6”)
Operating Temperature -5 to 40°C
Storage Temperature -20 to 55°C
Board Dimensions (Length x Width x Height)
Hole Centres (M3 clearance – Length x Width)
88 x 56 x 39 mm
65 x 48 mm
Weight in Air

125 g
200 g

* Any noise on the external DC supply will have an effect on the acoustic performance of the instrument. For optimal performance, battery charging should be off during acoustic tracking operations.

** Extra care is required when connecting the OEM transceiver to external equipment as minimal protection is provided.

*** It is possible to increase the transducer wire length if required; contact us for more information.


Instrument Firmware

Nano Firmware V3.11.00.04

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