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What is Telemetry Tracking, and why would I need it?

21 June 2021

Ranger 2’s Marine Robotics Pack brings with it Telemetry Tracking. But what is it, and why is it useful?

Historically, the people and systems interested in USBL positions were all located onboard the surface vessel from which the targets were deployed. The proliferation of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) changed all this. AUVs are responsible for navigating themselves through sometimes complex scenarios, and often need to collaborate with other AUVs in a swarm to complete a task. With the Robotics Pack and Telemetry Tracking, Ranger 2 USBL systems can position a swarm of AUVs from the surface, and telemeter those positions down to the AUVs for use by their onboard navigation systems. Each AUV receives not only its own position, but the positions of all vehicles in the swarm.


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