Our small Marker 6 transponder provides a low cost acoustic positioning solution where compact design and deep water (up to 4,000 metres) are important operational factors. Critical targets such as underwater structures or instrumentation packages can be marked and later relocated using a Sonardyne USBL such as Ranger 2.

The Marker 6 incorporates Near Field Communications (NFC) allowing for fast setup. Its acoustic address can be selected from >200 unique acoustic identities and can be quickly programmed into each transponder using a suitable NFC enabled handset (including an NFC enabled Android™ handset with the Sonardyne NFC App) or a dedicated HF Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) reader.

Sonardyne Wideband signal encoding reduces the interference both on and by adjacent Sonardyne and other acoustic positioning systems.

The NFC link provides the ability to enter Marker 6 into a storage mode when not in use, thereby significantly increasing the overall battery endurance.