Limited by space, layout or weight? Don’t worry; our most popular navigation, tracking and modem products are now available in OEM form meaning you can package them in any way that best suits you.


Our 3rd generation Lodestar and SPRINT mechanics addressed many users’ needs for a smaller and lighter form-factor. But sometimes, a vehicle such as a USV or AIV are so restricted on payload capacity, further size and weight savings need to be made. This can now be achieved with an OEM Lodestar or SPRINT. The lightweight aluminium housing of the SPRINT 500 model shown here measures just 202mm in diameter by 162mm tall.



Nano AvTrak 6 OEM

Small AUVs need small instruments and they don’t get much smaller than our new Nano AvTrak 6 OEM. It measures just 87.7mm long and 56mm wide but we’ve managed to pack in many of the features supported by the larger AvTrak 6 transceiver including; USBL tracking and two-way comms. A remote transducer gives you the flexibility to mount it anywhere, whilst the li-ion battery gives you 10 days standby life to help you recover the vehicle if it’s lost.


Syrinx DVL OEM

Syrinx is our 600 kHz Doppler Velocity Log (DVL). When fitted to your subsea vehicles and surface platforms, it’s capable of high altitude navigation that’s comparable to a 300 kHz DVL with the high resolution performance of a 1200 kHz DVL. In OEM form you will get a full depth rated, water blocked array that’s connected by cable to a separate electronics module. You can package this into your vehicle’s existing main subsea electronics, or re-package it in an entirely custom housing designed to meet your operational setup.


AvTrak 6 OEM

The lightweight rechargeable transceiver design of AvTrak 6 OEM allows for easy integration into autonomous vehicles and provides all of the features supported by the standard AvTrak 6 including; Sparse LBL ranging and Burn Wire. The OEM chassis can be customised to provide mounting points for specific vehicle internals and is supplied with a threaded boss mount MF Omni-directional transducer for easy mounting on a vehicle’s hull. The integrated li-ion rechargeable battery provides up to 30 days emergency standby life.

If you would like any more information on any of the products here, please get in touch with your local Sonardyne office.