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Where should I install my ROVNav 6+ transducer?

21 June 2021

How does installation position affect ROVNav 6+?

The ROVNav 6+ transceiver relies on line of sight to other transducers or transceivers in order to send and receive signals. If the transceiver is positioned to close to or within a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), it is likely that there will be some signal blocking in one or more directions. Therefore, it is advised to have the ROVNav 6+ transceiver positioned in a clear unobstructed area to provide the best performance.

Here are a few points to consider when installing your ROV Nav 6+ Transceiver:

  • Typically, transceivers are installed at the top of a vehicle, this will provide 360 degree visibility
  • Install your transceiver away from any thrusters to prevent thruster wash which can interfere with signals as it introduces noise
  • If possible, install transceivers on an extendable arm, which can increase the height of the transceiver when in use. Keep it protected if vehicle is in a Tether Management System or garage and ensure you have enough slack in the cable, so it does not get trapped when extended


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