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What software and firmware is compatible with SPRINT and Fusion 2 Systems?

23 June 2021

Operation Recommended Software Lodestar Firmware Janus Software
ROV Guidance SPRINT V1.5.1 V3.02 V1.2.1
USBL/DVL Aided INS Survey, Construction Operations SPRINT V1.5.1
Fusion 2 V2.1.0
LBL Range Aided INS and Real-Time SLAM Fusion 2 V2.1.0 V3.03.01 V1.3.1*
AUV Integration Lodestar/SPRINT Integration Guide V3.02 V1.2.1

* Janus V1.3.1 is included with Fusion 2 software.
Note: Lodestar firmware V3.03.01 must only be used with Fusion 2 (it is not compatible with SPRINT software).


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