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SPRINT, SPRINT-Nav, Lodestar and Lodestar-Nav troubleshooting

19 January 2023

Follow the steps below to help us resolve any general issues with your SPRINT, SPRINT-Nav, Lodestar and Lodestar-Nav instruments.

When reporting installation or operational issues, please provide the following general information for the Sonardyne equipment:

  1. Serial numbers.
  2. Firmware versions.
  3. Software version.
  4. How is the Sonardyne equipment mounted on the subsea vehicle? Any pictures would be extremely useful.
  5. Confirm you have checked all subsea connectors and wiring? Wiring diagram would be extremely useful.
  6. Detailed report of the operational issues encountered listing the date and time when the issue was first reported.
  7. Troubleshooting procedures, you have already completed. Have you reviewed “Fusion 2 Troubleshooting and FAQs” in the Fusion 2 use manual and/or “Troubleshooting for SPRINT” in the SPRINT-Nav user manuals?
  8. If this is a Fusion 2 operational issue, please send in the files listed in “Data Logging and Export” of the Fusion 2 user manual and INS bin files . If this is a SPRINT software issue, then send in the INS .bin files directly from the SPRINT-Nav unit as listed in “Retrieving On-board Log Files” of the SPRINT-Nav user manual or from (C:\Users\Public\Documents\Sonardyne\Hub\Logfiles). If possible, the .bin files sent in should be approximately one hour prior to the reported issue and one hour after.
  9. Send the information to



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