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Health check for your acoustic system

06 October 2021

To ensure your system is working at its best, consider a comprehensive system Health Check by a Sonardyne engineer.

What We Offer

A full suite of tests, software upgrades, remedial work, and recommendations for improvement by a qualified Sonardyne engineer to ensure your acoustic system is up to date and ready to go.

Whether your vessel is coming back into service, getting ready for a new project, or simply needs a good check-over and re-vamp, we would love to arrange a visit.

A Health Check will ensure your system is up to date and ready to go, and will provide prospective vessel hirers and end clients with a full System Health Report.

The Sonardyne engineer will also spend time with the crew on basic familiarisation with operating and maintenance procedures.

What’s Included?

1. 116-point* visual and operational check of the acoustic system and Deployment Machine, including an acoustic tracking test to verify system calibration.

2. System hardware, software, and firmware status report – including application of all free-of-charge updates as requested.

3. System optimisation for efficient, reliable operation.

4. Basic operation and maintenance familiarisation.

5. Check of vessel and subsea system spares against recommended holdings.

6. Certificate of inspection and full status report.

*The 116-point check includes inspection of the following items:

• Deployment Pole
• Gantry
• Bracing
• Gate Valve
• Hydraulic Power Unit
• Control Units
• Safety features of the Deployment Machine
• Topside equipment
• Transceiver functional checks
• Acoustic checks
• Lodestar checks (if fitted)

A full status report accompanies the certificate of inspection, with recommendations for future improvement if necessary.

Remote Health Check

Of course, we would much prefer to see you in person and conduct the tests for you on the vessel.

We appreciate, however, that this is not always practical or possible. This could be due to the remoteness of your location, visa delays, security concerns in the region or international travel bans imposed on health grounds.

That’s why we offer a Remote Health Check. It means that wherever you are in the world, a Sonardyne expert can provide this “virtual” service.

Photos, videos, and tests of the equipment would be requested, and analysed by the Sonardyne engineer assigned to you.

As with the in-person visit, a certificate of inspection, a full status report, and possible recommendations for future improvement would be provided.

How to book a health check

Simply get get in touch with our support team via


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