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Do deployment machines require any kind of maintenance?

24 June 2021


After commissioning and start-up of the system, the L/USBL transceiver, deployment machine, and gate valve will need a minimum of preventative and corrective maintenance to ensure the correct operation of the machine and consistent acoustic performance from the transceiver.

The procedures can be carried out without affecting the calibration offsets (CASIUS) of the L/USBL transceiver. We recommend that the maintenance which comprises visual inspections of bracing points and fixings, greasing routines, and also exercising of the moving parts (particularly the gate valve), is carried out on a monthly basis. Full details of these procedures can be obtained from our Customer Support team. From a purely operational point of view, failure to carry out the maintenance can lead to mechanical issues such as vibration of the pole which can have a significant impact on the performance of your system.

Carrying out the correct preventative maintenance routines not only prolongs the life of your deployment machine, but also greatly improves the performance of the acoustic system and reduce the risk of operational down time.


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