Sonardyne Operational Survey Services will ensure that you get the very best performance from your Sonardyne acoustic positioning and inertial navigation subsea technology and is a key philosophy of our global customer support programme.

Hands-on support

Sonardyne’s specialist LBL/INS Operations Survey Services is provided by our team of specialist Long BaseLine (LBL) and Inertial Navigation System (INS) surveyors and engineers who are focussed on helping you successfully complete your projects by maximising the performance of your Sonardyne systems. Your Sonardyne LBL/INS specialist will provide project planning services either offshore as part of your survey team, or onshore at your own premises.

This is a premium service giving you confidence that when you plan to use Sonardyne equipment, you will get the systems working to their full potential with correct procedures followed and the best settings selected. This will be coupled with unprecedented access to the Sonardyne support network.

offshore OR REMOTE support

Our surveyors can be provided offshore or remotely from onshore via a secure log-in interface, depending on project requirements, bunk availability, location, travel restrictions, etc., and will be under direct control of your offshore survey party chief to operate any Sonardyne system. Surveyors can run a 12-hour shift, offshore or remotely, and can double up to provide 24 hour coverage.

When services are provided remotely, you can save travel costs, subsistence and the payment of operational rates during extended periods of offshore downtime as our remote surveyor can be stood down when not required. Remote survey operational visits are enabled via a secure VPN portal as part of our easy to ship and install Remote Operations Access Module (ROAM) hardware.

Although no substitute for a dedicated training course, our Sonardyne surveyor will be able to mentor and offer familiarisation of the systems to members of your survey team. In addition, they can provide updates on the latest developments in Sonardyne systems, help write Sonardyne system calibration reports and perform full system health checks if required to do so.

Onshore project consultancy

Using a suite of performance prediction and simulation tools for acoustic and inertial operations, projects can be carefully planned in advance to minimise risks and lower vessel time and project costs. Advice can also be given on procedures for jobs that are specifically utilising Sonardyne equipment, ensuring best practice. Our Sonardyne surveyor answers directly to your project manager, project surveyor or chief surveyor.

With an in-house Sonardyne LBL/INS specialist at hand, your project planning can be streamlined to rapidly generate the desired result with the opportunity to refine the bespoke service as the planning progresses.

For more information about our survey consultancy services click here.

HIGHLY trained and competent

All members of our Sonardyne Survey Group are highly trained and experienced. For each project, you get exactly who you need for the planning in the use of and operation of your Sonardyne systems.

All our personnel undergo a programme of regular training and testing on our products to ensure they always are up-to-date with all new features and operational capabilities of our systems.

Resolving any issues in the fastest time possible

Sonardyne’s surveyors have unprecedented access to the Sonardyne network of support resources. They are up-to-date with the latest software, hardware and procedures and they also have access to the full range of in-house support tools required to help optimise performance and help you save time.

Your next step

To discuss acquiring the services of the most suitable Sonardyne LBL/INS specialist for your needs, please e-mail or contact your local Sonardyne office.