ROVNav 6+ is a 6G® Wideband®3 and Wideband 2 ranging LBL ROV Transceiver and telemetry transceiver specifically designed for installation on work class ROVs. The support for Sonardyne Wideband 3 enables ROVNav 6+ to operate with our latest Compatt technology, Compatt 6+. In turn, it means ROVNav 6+ fully supports the latest Fusion 2 LBL and SPRINT INS software.

Its compatibility with Wideband®3 and Wideband®2 telemetry commands, and support of high power Wideband 2 ranging protocols, proven for their accuracy and robustness, means the ROVNav 6+ offers improved range and acoustic performance in challenging conditions such as on noisy vehicles or in multipath environments.

ROV Transceiver

ROVNav 6+ is also a fully functional USBL responder or transponder, compatible with Wideband 2 USBL systems and HPR400. The internal li-ion rechargeable battery pack also enables emergency transponder mode, so if the umbilical and therefore power is cut to the ROV it can still be located by USBL.

The omni-directional remote MF transducer makes installation on an ROV easy. ROVNav 6+ is designed to be rugged and relatively lightweight, and utilises robust underwater connectors. ROVNav 6+ supports a range of internal sensors including: strain gauge pressure, PRT temperature and MEMS based inclinometer.

ROVNav 6+ is also fully compatible with our modem and logging equipment such as AMT and Fetch products, allowing it to be used to retrieve data or configure logging regimes. It supports all of our Wideband 2 and Wideband 3 spread spectrum acoustic communication; 100 to 9000 bps data rates can be selected depending on the environment.

Sensor options include a Digiquartz pressure sensor, precision inclinometer and altimeter interface. This provides a fully featured ROV manipulator deployable tool/sensor pack for a range of different applications including metrology, bathy survey and structure deployment operations, without the requirement for any additional interfacing on the ROV.