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  • compatt-5-product
    • Replaced by Compatt 6
    • Standard sensors – temperature, pressure and MEMS inclinometer
    • Optional sensors – Paroscientific DigiQuartz pressure sensor, inclinometer and sound velocity
  • DPT 5

    DPT 5 is our previous generation dynamic positioing transponder which has now been replaced by DPT 6. Although the DPT 5 transponder is no longer available to purchase, we still offers full after sales technical support including spares, repairs and servicing for this product.

  • Ranger 1 USBL gdt transceiver
    • The GDT USBL Transceiver is our previous generation USBL transceiver which has now been replaced by the HPT USBL Transceiver
  • Ranger 1 USBL gdt transceiver
    • Simple, intuitive software
    • Available in 2 versions; Standard and Pro
    • Operating range beyond 6,000 metres
  • rovnav 5 lbl transceiver
    • MF, EHF and LF frequencies supported in one bottle
    • Supports both RS232 and RS485 serial interfaces
    • Remote Firmware upgrade via serial interface