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Autonomous monitoring and reporting software

Engineered for: Vessel

Monitor is our dedicated software application designed to configure, manage and recover data from AMT and Fetch instruments during long endurance surveillance campaigns

At a glance

Controls and configures your unattended survey and monitoring projects

Designed for use with AMT and Fetch transponder deployments

Allows full customisation of data logging regimes

Allows equipment health status to be checked in real-time

Easy to use, easy to learn

Configure your monitoring campaigns

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Monitor is the software that runs your AMT and Fetch-based long term surveillance campaigns.

It is easy and intuitive to use, offering extensive instrument, environmental and data logging regime configuration tools to build a monitoring campaign that’s unique to your operational requirements.

You can even assess the performance of the system once your equipment is deployed using real-time acoustic quality indicators – fine tuning instrument configuration prior to leaving the survey site.

The software guides you through planning an appropriate logging regime by highlighting factors such as estimated number of pages to be logged daily and yearly battery consumption.

Offshore operations can be efficiently planned with minimal operator training as the intelligent software allocates appropriate performance settings according to the specifications of the proposed deployment.

This enables a log configuration to be easily chosen that will enable the specifications of the planned operation to be met (frequency of logged data, time available for data upload, duration of deployment). The log regime can be as simple or as complex as the survey demands, ranging from single logs from a single sensor to multiple repeat logs from a variety of sensors.

Monitor software can run on a range of platforms from a basic laptop to our high specification Marine Computer and is compatible with both Windows 7 and Windows 10 operating systems.


Features Specifications
Compatible with Dunker 6
Supported Operating Systems Windows XP
Windows 7
Windows 10

Software and firmware

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Configure your monitoring campaigns