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Why isn’t serial communication available using the iWand in RT6 Dunker Mode?

03 October 2023

Configuring the iWand to connect serially in RT6 Dunker Mode.

Dunker mode is when a iWand is connected directly to a transceiver via a cable which enables an alternative method to release a subsea instrument. Note: this is a depreciated mode that is unsupported; the Deck Topside should be used instead of this configuration

When using the iWand in RT6 Dunker mode, the iWand will no longer communicate through the serial port as it is now configured for talking directly to a transceiver. In this mode the iWand cannot perform a hardware test or refresh.

To connect the iWand serially, RT6 Dunker Mode must be disabled as follows:

1.  On the iWand, select RT6 Dunker Mode.

2. Select Off to return to standard mode.

3. The iWand should now connect to the transponder using the serial port.


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