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What should i use instead of an LRT

30 June 2021

LRT, Lightweight Release Transponder was Sonardyne’s workhorse shallow water release for over a decade. But now it’s been upgraded, but to what?

The LRT is a classic in the offshore industry, but doesn’t benefit from our latest 6G waveforms and all of the customer feedback we have received from the LRT.

As such we have produce a new coastal release transponder the RT 6-1000.

The RT 6-1000 takes all the best bits of the LRT but adds 6g communications for more robust releasing, full Ranger 2 compatibility amongst many other benefits.

To find out more about the RT 6-1000 the best thing to do is visit the product site or get in contact. We also have some excellent videos which cover some of the new features of the RT 6-1000.




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