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What is the benefit of an internal rechargeable battery for Origin 600?

17 April 2023

Origin 600 has an internal rechargeable battery as standard, providing many benefits over disposable internal batteries.

What are the risks associated with disposable internal ADCP batteries?

Seabed ADCPs are often powered by internal alkaline or lithium batteries. These allow the ADCPs to capture data for a period, but then need replacing once the device is retrieved from the water. Battery replacement involves opening the device, disconnecting and removing the old battery, and connecting and installing the new one. This invariably involves undesirable risk to the electronics, and occasionally it may be challenging to source a new battery due to component availability or shipping constraints.

What are the benefits of the Origin 600 rechargeable internal battery?

To mitigate problems associated with the replacement process of disposable internal batteries, Origin 600 has an internal rechargeable battery. This rechargeable battery also delivers a substantial cost saving over the life of the ADCP given that it can be used time and time again, with no need to buy a new battery for each campaign. What’s more, when Origin 600 is operated in conjunction with a topside modem, battery life can be monitored after the device is deployed, providing the extra benefit of confidence in knowing the instrument will not run out of power mid-deployment. For extra peace of mind, a battery reserve is built in, so even if the battery can no longer power ADCP measurements, the integrated acoustic modem can be interrogated for several months, allowing the device to be located long after it has stopped capturing current data.

What are the options for the Origin 600 rechargeable internal battery?

In addition to a single battery option, Origin 600 has a dual rechargeable battery option for those long-term monitoring or more power-intensive applications. Furthermore with Origin 600, you are not limited to the internal battery as you can also connect to an external disposable battery pack via the external wet connector. So whether you’re making a quick measurement, or a long-term campaign, Origin has you covered.


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