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How to Skip Telemetry Options in Rangers 2 and Marksman LUSBL

22 December 2021

Explanation of how to use the Skip Telemetry option listed in the beacons page in Rangers 2 and Marksman LUSBL. Please discuss this option and to see if is right for your operations with Customer Support before you follow these steps

  1. In Marksman/Ranger 2 beacons menu there is a “Skip Telemetry” option
  2. If the “Skip Telemetry” option is enabled the system will not send any acoustic telemetry commands to the selected deployed beacon. This means the hardware configuration information and any changes to the following options will only be changed in the software and will not represent the settings in the deployed beacons
    Beacon Channels and TAT
  3. Beacon Power, RX Gain, Telemetry, Get All, Get Battery, Get Link, Get Sensor, Set All, Release, Enable and Disable
  4. Beacon Type, Transducer, Release UID and Firmware
  5. It recommended that if you enable the “Skip Telemetry” option you carefully consider the functionality/operations that will be disabled. You can discuss this option and if is right for your operations with Customer Support


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