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How to QC a Sound Velocity (SV) in Fusion 2

21 June 2021

Why do you need to QC Sound Velocity in Fusion 2?

Sound velocity (SV) is a critical part of acoustics that is used with the travel time between instruments in order to calculate a range. This means that any error in your sound velocity will be included in the range and therefore the position may be incorrect.

In order to ensure that your positioning is optimal then it is important to check your sound velocity used in your Fusion 2 system is correct.

  1. Check your data is coming into the system, at the correct rate and it has been selected in Environmental Configuration window. The data is visible in the measurements window, the instrument comms and in the environmental configuration menu.
  2. Compare your SV with another SV sensor i.e. if you have a Compatt with an SV sensor. The SV values should be very similar.
  3. If you have two calibrated Compatts. You can obtain a baseline derived sound velocity. In Fusion 2 you can find this in the Environmental Configuration window > Sound velocity

Remember that Sound Velocity changes rapidly across locations and depths. When comparing SV’s try to compare these from the same location at the same time.


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