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In-person and remote

Maximising performance and reducing risk is at the heart of our operator training programme. From in-person to remotely delivered, our courses are comprehensive and flexible.

At a glance

In-person or remote courses delivered by highly experienced instructors

Standard or bespoke syllabuses

Small class sizes – no more than six attendees when in-person

Practical, hands-on equipment element in many of our live courses

1-2-1 training possible when online

Flexible schedule for remote training

Our services add value to your operations

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Benefits of this service for your operations

For energy

In an industry focused on safe, clean and efficient operations, it’s vital that those using Sonardyne technology are both confident and capable in its operation.

For defence

Our technology is a force multiplier but unless your operators are equipped with the right skills to use it, then it’s not delivering its full battlespace potential.

For science

You’ve worked hard to secure funding to invest in Sonardyne technology to support your scientific research. Training with us helps ensure you can plan your project and unlock the full potential of our equipment.


We believe product delivery is just the start of the story. Making sure that you get the very best out of your investment in our technology, once it is installed and commissioned, is a key part of our training service.

From scheduled courses run at our dedicated sea trials and training centre in the UK or regional offices, online training and free webinars, to bespoke training courses at your facilities, our training programme is expansive and ever evolving.

Our in-water training is delivered at our Sea Trials and Training Centre in Plymouth. Training here enables course delegates to better prepare for offshore operations and become confident in how to diagnose and overcome environmental issues.

At our regional training centres you will receive the same excellent instruction, delivered by the professional trainers from Plymouth utilising our very latest version of 6G+ Simulator to drive the product software and mimic real-life environmental conditions.

For our online training we use the same simulator, with remote access via video conferencing, to deliver the course in a modular format. In every online session you will have a trainer there with you, just like in the classroom.

Course sizes
The maximum course size is 6 people (4 for INS courses) for face-to-face training, thus ensuring that attendees get the ideal opportunity to develop their operational skills on our products with expert support from the Trainer. Online practical training is delivered on a 1-to-1 or 2-to-1 basis to give you maximum time on the system.

Why this service

USBL / LUSBL courses

  • Mini Ranger 2

  • Ranger 2

  • Marksman LUSBL

  • Marksman DP-INS


  • 1 day technology taster sessions

LBL courses

  • Fusion 2 (6G+)

  • Fusion 2 + SPRINT INS (SLAM)

  • Fusion 1 to Fusion 2 Top-up

  • Fusion 2 Bespoke

  • Connect metrology

INS, sonar and monitoring

  • SPRINT (USBL or LBL) aided

  • Sentinel

  • PIES

  • AMT (inc Monitor)

  • Vigilant

  • Solstice

  • Bespoke projects

Who we train

  • Captains, DPOs, BCOs, ETs

  • Party Chiefs

  • Surveyors, engineers and technicians

  • Equipment maintainers

  • Rig managers, superintendents, ROV crew

  • Military personnel

Our services add value to your operations