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Equipment servicing and repair

Taking care of your technology investment

Your Sonardyne equipment has been engineered and built to perform reliably in extreme marine conditions. Our global service centres are there to make sure it stays that way, year after year.

At a glance

Service centres located in Europe, Asia, North and South America

Only genuine Sonardyne parts used; fitted by factory-trained engineers

Maximises the lifespan of your equipment; reduces the need for replacement

Preventative maintenance which helps identify potential problems early on

Range of services on offer; repairs, sensor calibrations, pre-deployment checks

Our services add value to your operations

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Benefits of this service for your operations

For energy

Offshore, time is money so that’s not when you want to be discovering problems with equipment. A pre-deployment equipment check with us gives you peace of mind.

For defence

The reliability of your underwater technology underpins the success of your mission. Our equipment maintenance technicians can carry routine inspections through to performance upgrades.

For science

Time onboard a research vessel to carry out your science is hard to secure. So before your cruise season starts, why not book your Sonardyne kit in for an annual health check?


Your goals are to save time and money and accomplish precisely what you set out to do in your underwater operations. Afterall, that’s why you’ve invested in Sonardyne technology. But like any precision equipment, it should be regularly serviced and maintained to maximise performance.

Our global centres and factory-trained engineers offer cost-effective repair, preventative maintenance and specialist sensor calibration services. So whether you are about to start a project or return onshore, you can be assured your that not only have we built your equipment, we’re taking care of it too.

Pre-deployment – what we check
A popular service for transponders which are factory-fitted with a variety of calibrated environmental sensors. Yet through operational use, knocks in the field and marine growth, the quality of sensor readings can degrade. This is why we recommend they undergo regular checks to ensure they remain within specification.

We regularly improve product performance and functionality by upgrading transponder firmware, so we’ll check to make sure your equipment is operating on the latest version.

Pre-deployment checks also include tank testing, where a full acoustic check is carried out. Batteries are also checked to ensure that they will last the duration of your operation.

Post-deployment – what we check
No one knows your transponders better than we do, so once they come out of the field and before you put them back on the shelves, we’ll perform a thorough diagnostic inspection. This includes checking and, if necessary, replacing the anodes, o-rings, transducers, guards and batteries.

Why this service

Sensors we calibrate

  • Depth/Pressure/Strain Gauge Sensor

  • Digiquartz Sensor

  • Inclinometer Sensor

  • SV Sensor Full Calibration

  • SV Sensor Verification

  • PRT/Temperature Test

What we check and repair

  • Firmware; upgrading as required

  • Anode replacement

  • O-ring check and replacement

  • Transducer inspection

  • Battery level check

  • Sensor and transducer guard check

What makes our service different?

  • Factory trained, experienced engineers

  • Access to latest product updates

  • Only genuine Sonardyne parts used

  • Multiple generations of equipment cared for

  • All work is warranted for 6 months

Service centre locations

  • Blackbushe, England

  • Aberdeen, Scotland

  • Houston, USA

  • Singapore

  • Rio das Ostras, Brazil

Our services add value to your operations