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Transponder test, configuration and release unit

Engineered for: Vessel

iRelease is a rugged, handheld unit that's used as part of a Lightweight Command Unit (LCU) setup on the back deck to test, load and release our legacy range of ORT and DORT acoustic release transponders.

At a glance

Use it to test and control legacy ORT and DORT acoustic releases

Compatible with legacy LCU dunking systems (replaces obsolete Psion unit)

Handheld design, battery powered, rechargeable

Splash-proof and rugged; designed for the back deck

Easy-to-use five-button interface

Command and control on the backdeck

Want to know more?


iRelease has been developed to provide extended product support for owners of legacy LCU, ORT and DORT acoustic release equipment.

It’s design is based our popular iWand back deck unit but is limited in functionality to only command and control ORTs and DORTs via a simple user interface.

An internal rechargeable battery provides over five hours of active use with a life of three months in the lowest power standby mode.

iRelease has a USB to recharge the internal battery and a serial connection for communication with you LCU.

A rugged transit case is provided and contains a wall mount USB ac charging adapter with a variety of international AC power adapters. A USB cable is also included in the case.


Feature Type 8315
Case Rugged polypropylene copolymer case with styrenic over mould shock protection
Keypad Sealed 5 key navigation pad
Display 320 x 240 sunlight readable LED display
Connections USB Splash-proof mini-USB Type B
Serial 9-way D-type (male)
Charging USB to PC or USB to wall adaptor
Internal Flash Memory 1 GB
Battery Li-ion 3.7 V 1,300 mAh (typical)
Battery Life Normal (Screen On) >5 hours (screen automatically turns off after a selectable period)
Idle (Screen Off) >12 hours (press a key or ‘shake to wake’ to turn screen back on)
Off >3 months (press a key to wake)
Off for Shipping >1 year (requires USB connection to wake-up)
Operating Temperature -10 to 55°C
Storage Temperature -10 to 55°C
Dimensions (Length x Width x Depth) 194 x 84 x 40 mm
Weight 0.8 kg

Manuals and quick start guides

Need product support? Try our knowledge base

Command and control on the backdeck