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Advantages of using Ranger 2 for ROV tracking

21 June 2021

ROV Tracking is bread and butter for the Ranger 2 USBL system, and to keep it simple, all the features you need are included in the standard version of Ranger 2.

Batteries Included
ROVs are expensive and critical to your operation so knowing where they are is crucial. With a Ranger 2 system installed on your vessel, you can track up to 10 beacons simultaneously easily keeping track of all your ROVs and their tether management systems at up to a 1Hz update rate. We even include a WSM6+ beacon as part of the system kit to get you started.

Dynamic Positioning References
We know that some ROV operations, especially those alongside structures require the vessel to use an acoustic DP reference. With a Dynamic Positioning Transponder (DPT6) deployed on the seabed nearby, Ranger 2 can provide the DP desk with that reference at the same time as tracking your vehicles. Unless you need to use an array of beacons as a DP reference, there’s no need to upgrade to Ranger 2 DP to do this.

Work Anywhere
ROVs often work in noisy locations, like near to active wells. Sometimes ROV’s or their tooling create a lot of noise themselves. Although our Wideband2 acoustic signals are robust in noisy environments, sometimes you need to be sure the beacon’s ability to respond isn’t affected. That’s why Ranger 2 allows you to use responder mode. An electrical trigger signal wired through the ROV’s tether causes the beacon to reply acoustically, eliminating the noise issue at the ROV completely.

While standard Ranger 2 includes everything you need to track your ROV in most scenarios, sometimes you’ll find you need to go further, and extra specialist features can always be added. For more demanding DP situations, there’s Ranger 2 DP. For more exacting Survey operations, there’s Ranger 2 Survey. And Ranger 2 Pro does it all.


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