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How to set the latitude on a Gyro Compatt 6

12 October 2022

The latitude for a Gyro Compatt 6/6+ can be set using any one of the following three methods:

  • Serially
  • Using an iWand
  • Acoustically


To Set Gyro Compatt 6 latitude serially:

1. Connect to the Lodestar section of the Gyro Compatt by using the CP port and a 24 V dc power supply.

2. Open the Lodestar PC utility.

3. Click Connect.

4. In connection to Lodestar window ensure all options are correct then click, OK. Alternatively, use “auto detect if the options are unknown.

5. Select the Gyro Compass tab and adjust the Decimal Degree Latitude setting to the desired value. If the reading is changed, select Apply.

6. To confirm the latitude is set, the manual command GC LAT can be sent to verify the setting was stored correctly, using the Terminal tab.

An iWand can be used to set the latitude from its internal GPS. This is complete using the Quick Check function.

To Set Gyro Compatt 6 latitude using an iWand:

1. Ensure the Gyro is turned on using the ROV test box. Press and hold the ROV switch for 2 seconds to turn on the Lodestar.

2. A red POWER LED will illuminate to confirm the Lodestar power is provided.

3. Wait ~50 seconds for the Lodestar to boot up and the green IN LED to start flashing.

4. Perform a Quick Check on the Gyro Compatt 6.

5. Select Latitude Config.

6. If GPS is enabled, the iWand will wait for a valid GPS fix. If the GPS is not enabled the iWand will display PS not enabled. This can be configured be navigating iWand Setup > Power Saving > GPS Enable.

7. After a GPS fix is achieved, click Start to acoustically configure the Gyro Compatt 6 latitude.

8. On completion, the screen will display the latitude xx.xxxx to confirm the Lodestar has been configured.


To Set Gyro Compatt 6 latitude acoustically:

1. Enter the following commands whilst communicating with ROVNav or 6G transceiver connected through 6G Terminal Lite software.

2. Replace xxx with Lodestar Gyro Compatt 6 address.

3. Ensure Capitalise is not selected as the following commands are case sensitive.

4. Select the Manual Commands tab of 6G terminal lite and send the following commands one at a time:

6G Manual Commands Function
MS:P0 Set transceiver port
MS:xxxx;W1,DD512,MD512,P1,SM0,B4 Set Compatt port
MDFT:xxxx;W1,RS3|\oSON\r\n Enter command mode
MDFT:xxxx;W1,RS3|gc lat\r\n Read Latitude
MDFT:xxxx;W1,RS3|GC LAT XX.xx\r\n Set latitude (replacing XX.xx with latitude in degrees)
MDFT:xxxx;W1,RS3|gc lat\r\n Read latitude
MDFT:xxxx;W1,RS3|SYS SAVE FLASH\r\n Save settings
MDFT:xxxx;W1,RS3|GC RST\r\n Re-set Gyro compass
MDFT:xxxx;W1,RS3|\e\r\n Exit command mode
MS:xxxx;W1;TS3,DD1024,MD4096,P2,SM1,B512 Set Compatt port


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