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How to change your Mini-Ranger 2 IP address

15 June 2022

This procedure describes the procedure for changing your Mini-Ranger 2 IP address.

The recommended steps are:

  1. Change the HPT IP address
  2. Change the ESH IP address
  3. Change the PC IP address
  4. Change the Mini-Ranger 2 ESH and HPT address


Change the HPT IP address

Open 6G Terminal Lite.

Confirm the ESH is connected.

Select “Connect” and “Network Discover TCP”.

Select “HPT 8142” to connect to the HPT. The fields on the 6G Setup page should be populated if connected.

Select the “Manual Commands” tab.

Enter command Ethernet IP address you want to change the HPT.

  • This example is and the syntax is
  • The example command is ETH:IP192.168.1.120

If the manual command is accepted the unit will return the IP address entered and you will now lose connection to the HPT.

Exit 6G Terminal Lite.


Change the ESH IP Address

Refer to Section 5.4.2 in the ESH user manual.

  • This example IP address is:


Change the PC IP Address

Change the Ethernet connection TCP/IPv4 to the same family.

  • This example IP address is:


Change the Mini Ranger 2 ESH and HPT IP Address

Start Mini Ranger 2. The ESH and HPT will not initially connect.

Click “System > Setup” and then click “ESH”.

Change the ESH IP address.

  • This example

The address will be highlighted yellow until you click “Apply”.

Click “Mobile Objects > Ship  > Transceiver 1”.

Change the “Transmit IP Address” to the same address as using in the 6G Terminal Lite

  • This example

The address will be highlighted in yellow until you click “Apply”.

The ESH and HPT should now connect, and all connections are saved.


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