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How do I interface Ranger 2 into a 3rd party survey system?

21 June 2021

A surveyor may wish to integrate a position into a survey desk or Inertial Navigation System (INS). A simple solution is to use an SSB as it is a widely accepted telegram. As well as inputting a raw Ultra Short BaseLine (USBL) position, the INS position may also be fed into a survey system. This article covers some basic scenarios to integrate with NaviPac.

Ranger 2 to Survey Desk:
To pass a position from Ranger 2 to a 3rd party survey desk, such as Eiva’s NaviPac 4, go to the telegram editor in Ranger 2 software and select an SSB_LBP telegram.
Select the beacon you require the position for:

  • Frame of Reference = Ship, then it is possible to post process for a secondary GPS if required
  • Orientation = North Up, because in ship frame any latency affects merging data based on vessel heading
  • Source = Raw, so there are not 2 filters being applied

For a simple USBL job, in Navipac add a Dynamic Positioning Device to the Vessel and select the Kongsberg HiPAP/APOS driver. Click on the 1 button and select the vehicle the transponder is mounted on, in this case named “tow”. This links the beacon to the USBL on the Vessel.

On the Dynamic Positioning device on the subsea vehicle set the TP code to match the Ranger 2 index, in this case 1.

When the main vessel is configured correctly, you will be able to go online and in Eiva’s Helmsman the SSB position of the beacon will be displayed relative to the vessel.

Ranger 2 to INS:
All inertial navigation systems (INS) accept SSB inputs. In the Ranger 2 telegram editor, select the beacon you require the position for:

  • Frame of Reference = World, INS systems require a Latitude and Longitude
  • Source = SPRINT, the telegram is valid for the time of the transponder heard the interrogation, rather then when the transceiver heard the response

In SPRINT on the USBL LED input an SSB telegram, enter the offsets and select the Time Source.

From SPRINT to Survey Desk:
Most survey desks accept a GGA, however GGA only gives a position.

To only get position output add a GGA telegram from SPRINT and input to NaviPac 4 by adding a remote GPS point to the Subsea Vehicle.

If using NaviPac 4 use an LNAV output as this message contains position, depth, heading, pitch roll. NaviPac is able to share the same TCP port for gyro, motion, depth and input position on another port.


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