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Does the HPT’s main connector need any maintenance?

23 June 2021

Yes. To keep your HPT performing as it should, you should clean, inspect and lubricate the bulkhead connector. This is what the manufacturer recommends:

AGP Connector mating surfaces should be cleaned to remove contamination and silicone build up then inspected and re-lubricated. This should be performed prior to each mating and before storage to insure correct mating as well as prolonged connector life. Connectors must also be mated and unmated correctly to ensure a proper seal and to prevent connector damage or degradation.

  1. Clean the connector using the manufacturer’s recommended “3M Silicone Spray, ECG RX2200 or Dow Corning DC200” only.
  2. Apply lubricant and carefully and thoroughly clean the connector, locking ring and locking ring threads using a non-abrasive towel (it is not recommended to insert anything into pin or socket cavities).
  3. After cleaning, thoroughly inspect the connector and locking ring and look for:
    – Cuts or abrasion to sealing surfaces (face of connector, overmold and pin cavities).
    – Bent or broken pins and sockets.
    – Deformation of the shoulder (the back of the metal locking ring presses against this shoulder to ensure connector faces mate tightly together).
    – Damaged threads, rust or corrosion on locking rings.
  4.  Lubricate the connector surfaces using 3M Silicone Spray, ECG RX2200 or Dow Corning DC200.
  5. Apply a light machine oil or dielectric anti-seize to lubricate only the threaded portion of the stainless steel locking rings.
  6. Mating of locking rings should be done by hand only (do not use a wrench or pliers to tighten locking rings).
  7. Ensure this is no gap between the two face seals before thoroughly hand tightening the locking rings (by hand (the locking rings can be pulled back from the connector to allow a better view).
  8. Do not bend or twist connectors while mating or un-mating as this will damage the connector pins and sockets. Pull or push straight across the connectors. Anchor cable with foot and pull straight up if possible.

Note: do not use Contact Cleaner, WD40, CRC, DC111 or any other solvents or heavy silicone grease to clean or lubricate AGP connectors. Doing so may cause connector damage, improper mating/sealing and shortened connector life.

More information can be found in Product Catalogs on the manufacturers website.


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