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Compatt 5 – Firmware

15 July 2021

The latest firmware version is:

Compatt 5 and DPT Test Terminal  V3.00.012.

This is a general purpose utility that communicates with any Compatt 5 or DPT via an RS232 interface. A dedicated serial cable is required, part number 8000-157. Features include:

– Wideband Testing – Compatt to Compatt
– Changing the Compatt address and HPR channel
– Extracting the full status of the unit
– Setting the unit to default status
– Reading the sensors (depth, temperature etc)
– Hardware self-test facility
– Automatic Test Report generation
– Add-ins for advanced diagnostics
– Quickset mode for Wideband, DPT, DPTi

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C5 DASCAL V3.00.009

DASCAL is a PC program used to configure the Data Acquisition System (DAS) card on Compatt 5 transponders, for example to add support for an external RS232 sensor such as a sound speed sensor or a gyro.

Additional features include:-

  • Recalibration of associated internal sensors on the end-cap (where suitable calibration equipment is available)
  • Download new firmware into the DAS processor using the <Bootload New Program>button.
  • Supports DPT and DPTi

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