Ranger 2 Family of USBL Positioning Systems

Surveyors, scientists and mariners trust Ranger 2 for tracking and DP. Show me why.

Track a towfish, position an ROV, DP your vessel, search the seabed or command a swarm of AUVs. When you need to adopt Ultra-Short BaseLine (USBL) acoustic technology to support your underwater operations, our Ranger 2 family has the performance you need, at the investment level you can afford to get the project completed faster and more efficiently than any other system on the market. But which one is right for you; Mini, Micro or Standard?

Ranger 2 USBL. Fit, Deploy, Track

Fit a transponder to everything you want to track; fit a transceiver to your USV, boat or ship

Arrive on site and deploy your underwater assets

Start your operations, leaving Ranger 2 to take care of the tracking

Micro – Inland

Portable and quick to get up and running, Micro-Ranger 2 is perfect for your simple USBL tasks such as tracking divers, an ROV or micro AUV.

  • Operating Range Up to 995 m
  • Typical Installation Temporary
  • Accuracy Up to 5% of slant range
  • Max Targets 10 in sequence
  • Max Update Rate 3 Hz
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Mini – Nearshore

Need to track targets further, simultaneously, and with survey-quality precision? Mini-Ranger 2 delivers on both performance and price.

  • Operating Range Up to 4,000 m
  • Typical Installation Temporary
  • Accuracy Up to 1.3% of slant range
  • Max Targets 10 simultaneously
  • Max Update Rate 3 Hz
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Standard – Offshore

Our most capable tracking and DP reference USBL, installed on a global fleet of vessels, operating in all water depths. It’s anything but standard.

  • Operating Range Up to 11,000 m
  • Typical Installation Permanent
  • Accuracy Up to 0.04% of slant range
  • Max Targets Up to 99
  • Max Update Rate 1 Hz
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