The United States Naval Undersea Warfare Center showed-off its new Integrated Swimmer Defence system (ISD) to an invited group of VIPs and naval personnel on Rhode Island in August.

The integrated command and control platform consists of radar, electro-optical deterrent and the new Sentinel sonar system from Sonardyne. It successfully demonstrated the long range detection of swimmers and divers and their subsequent engagement. The first complete system; UOES1, will now be deployed and evaluated by the Naval Expeditionary Combat Command as part of a multi-year development and supply programme.

The demonstration capped an intensive period of trials and integration during which Sonardyne worked in close co-operation with NUWC’s Integrated Swimmer Defence project team. In addition to the preparations for the VIP day, the team achieved several notable firsts including the successful operation of a unique multi-head sonar. Two Sentinel sonars were positioned in close proximity operating simultaneously to provide wide area protection against an underwater threat. The exercise demonstrated the Sentinel system’s ability to integrate up to 10 heads with no interference or detrimental effect on performance

The Sentinel system was selected for the Integrated Swimmer Defence program after a long and intensive evaluation period. Its performance and compact physical characteristics make it ideal for both rapid deployment and permanent installations.

“Sonardyne has demonstrated a real commitment to the success of the program and worked closely with both the government team and other key partners to complete the system integration in a very tight schedule. The system performance has met our expectations”

Jim Pollock, NUWC director

The Sentinel system is an innovative approach to the defence of strategic assets from underwater intrusion, sabotage, smuggling and attack. This includes any installation with a waterside perimeter, offshore energy infrastructure, ports and harbours, shipping and personal protection. Designed to operate within demanding environmental standards, the Sentinel sonar is a compact, lightweight, simple to operate platform that can be installed autonomously or integrated into a wider command and control system to provide total domain awareness. For further information on Sentinel please visit