For over 30 years, Sonardyne Inc. has been delivering innovative marine technologies that enable naval and government contractors to detect, track and communicate in the undersea domain.

Our mission-proven maritime systems and technologies are a force multiplier, helping you to transform your domain awareness 

Operating out of Texas, Sonardyne Inc. has had a continual presence in North America since 1988. As a US small business, we supply the DoD and defense primes with disruptive underwater marine technologies that support a wide range of missions, from full ocean depth to the littoral zone. 

How Can We Help Your Mission?

Dan Zatezalo is our DC metro area-based defense application specialist. Why not get in touch with him to discuss how our technology can support your mission?

Detect. Protect. Navigate. Track. Communicate

In home ports and harbors, to overseas theaters, our US-supplied and supported COTS technology is already at work supporting requirements like yours, helping to defend our nation and allies against any undersea challenge. 

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Our technology is our differentiator. Take advantage of it 

Low-risk and field-proven; our acoustic, inertial, sonar and optical technologies are trusted to deliver tactical advantage, increase mission tempo and enhance warfighting capabilities. 

Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance

Maritime operations are evolving; more autonomy, less service personnel at risk and data on-demand - enabling commanders to make faster, more informed decisions. Whatever assets you're deploying, and from whatever platform - manned or unmanned - we have the tools to communicate with it, position it, navigate it and control it. Here's some of what we offer.

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Target Tracking

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Widest range of surface-deployed acoustic tracking systems and subsea beacons engineered to follow an underwater target's every move, from just a few feet away to over 10,000 feet.

Unmanned Marine Systems

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Hybrid navigation, command and control, imaging and collision avoidance systems that allow your USVs, UUVs and SDVs to go further and do more.

Mine Countermeasures

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Deploying low-logistic UUVs to carry out MCM operations? Our Multi Aperture Sonar (MAS) - Solstice - delivers best in class imagery even in littoral waters.

Navigation Warfare

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Our Doppler-inertial vessel guidance solutions mitigate the impact spoofing and denial of satellite navigation has on your mission.


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Long range acoustic and covert high bandwidth optical modems safely and rapidly deliver your data to where it's needed.

Intruder Detection

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Rapidly mobilized and scalable, our swimmer and drone detection sonars protect your vessels and waterside locations from unauthorized access.



Caderock Division is the US Navy's research, engineering, modelling and test center for surface and undersea technologies. To support this work, Caderock Division uses Sonardyne Ranger 2 high-accuracy tracking systems complete with Gyro USBL transceiver, Nano and WSM 6+ transponders.



"ANTX is a great event for collaboration. Not only have we had US Navy divers swimming against our Sentinel IDS system, but also BAE Systems put its Riptide vehicle in the water. This let us collect some really good data which we have already used to further improve our Sentinel algorithms for detecting UUVS."



Cellua Robotics' Solus-LR uses a suite of Sonardyne 6G positioning, communications and high-speed optical modems to underpin it's long-duration underwater missions. It reduces cost, risk and crucially means that the time needed for new platforms to enter service can be measured in months not years. 



General Dynamics Mission Systems' Bluefin-9 can be supplied with Sonardyne Solstice multi-aperture sonar and Nano AvTrak transceiver. Both have a minimal impact on the size, weight and power (SWAP) budget, while delivering the best quality data. Allowing you to increase your area coverage rates (ACR) and run longer.


US Service Center and Support Personnel

Invest in Sonardyne technology to support your missions, and we will support you with expert application advice, installation, training, equipment servicing and around the clock support, delivered responsibly, safely and securely.


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