Abu-Dhabi based TES Survey Equipment Services LLC is to become the first company in the Middle East to offer for rent the latest 6G underwater acoustic positioning technology from Sonardyne International Ltd. The order for multiple Mini-Ranger 2 Ultra-Short BaseLine (USBL) systems and Wideband Sub-Mini 6 Plus (WSM 6+) transponders will be added to TES’ existing hire pool of Sonardyne equipment and used to support offshore survey and construction projects across the region.

When it was introduced in April, Mini-Ranger 2 became Sonardyne’s smallest and lightest 6G (sixth generation) underwater target tracking system. It boasts an operating range of 2,000 metres and is optimised to precisely track 10 underwater targets in shallow water and at high elevations. These features make it ideal for users who need survey grade positioning without the cost and complexity of a deep water USBL solution, benefits TES has been quick to recognise.

Their clients regularly carry out short surveys using divers, ROVs and AUVs working close to shore from vessels of opportunity. Equipment portability, ease of setup and high performance are therefore important considerations when hiring underwater technology for a project, all of which feature as standard with Mini-Ranger 2.

The decision to add Sonardyne’s WSM 6+ to its rental pool was also a considered one for TES. Supporting two-way Wideband and Wideband 2 signal protocols for very fast position updates, the WSM 6+ was identified as delivering superior ranging accuracy and immunity to noise. Together with its re-designed transducer guard that offers more impact protection, the new WSM 6+ transponder/responder is expected to be as popular as the out-going WSM 6 it replaces.

“Utilisation rates for our stock of 6G equipment are consistently high, so the decision to invest further was a straightforward one. We see the introduction of Mini-Ranger 2 as particularly significant for our business as it bridges the gap between low cost, low performance USBLs and complex, deep water systems. We’re not expecting it to be sitting on our shelves for very long.”

Susan Murray, Managing Director, TES

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