This year Ocean’s Business got off to a dramatic start when Sonardyne International Ltd.’s trials vessel, Sound Surveyor, was involved in the rescue of a yacht drifting perilously close to the rocks off Portland. Sound Surveyor, which hosted technical demonstration throughout the show, was en route to the event after leaving its home port in Plymouth.

Responding to a Mayday call after refuelling at Weymouth, Sound Surveyor detoured to the struggling vessel. Two RNLI lifeboats had already been launched and a nearby tug was called upon to assist. Unfortunately, an attempt to rescue the yacht using the tug was unsuccessful due to the size of the vessel and the shallow waters. With the yacht beginning to break up in the heavy seas and strong winds, Sound Surveyor manoeuvred into position to secure a tow rope and, after a few attempts, was able to tow the yacht away from immediate danger before passing it on to the arriving RNLI vessels.

“We received a call from the Coast Guard asking for assistance but as we had heard the Mayday, we had already made the decision to divert. he sea and weather conditions at the time were incredibly harsh so we’re pleased that we were able to help rescue the crew, preventing an even bigger tragedy.”

Captain Chris Adams of Sound Surveyor

To watch the rescue, click here.