Sonardyne International Ltd, UK, has won a contract worth in excess of €1.5 million with an EU research consortium for the supply of multiple Sentinel Intruder Detection Sonars (IDS).

The Sentinels will be integrated into a new maritime command and control network that will combine satellite, sonar, CCTV and other sensor data to protect shipping, ports and harbours and critical infrastructure. This will help guard against a wide range of waterborne threats including those from unidentified ships where the port of call is in question.

Sentinel IDS systems are operational worldwide protecting both commercial and military assets, critical energy and civilian infrastructure, VIPs and maritime borders. The system uses advanced sonar technology to provide a 360 degree, below water protection zone that can discriminate between genuine targets such as divers and swimmers and non-threats such as large fish or pleasure craft. Sentinel has been designed specifically for ease of use by security personnel and to meet the practical requirements of every day use.

The Sentinels for the new European contracts will be deployed to protect strategic shipping assets and in several European ports over the next six months to automatically detect, track and classify underwater threats at long ranges. The equipment being supplied will include Sonardyne’s latest long immersion sonar head which has been introduced for permanent, maintenance free installation as well as portable configuration Sentinels for rapid deployment from vessels visiting foreign ports.

“We have worked very closely with our EU partners to meet their requirements for a diver detection sonar that will offer high performance in some very challenging operational scenarios.” He added, “The award of this contract demonstrates the strong confidence in both the capabilities of Sentinel and Sonardyne’s ability to provide innovative technology coupled with class-leading project and technical support.”

Rob Balloch, Strategic Development Director for Sonardyne