Sonardyne International Ltd has delivered two more Sentinel Intruder Detection Sonars to Space and Naval Warfare (SPAWAR) Systems Center Pacific (SSC) in San Diego, USA.

The application is undisclosed, however, the systems are based on Sonardyne’s latest evolution of its world leading underwater surveillance system, Sentinel. For the first time, Sonardyne is supplying the sonars to the customer in a MOTS (Military-Off-The-Shelf) configuration. This allows the client to configure the system to simultaneously process raw sonar data using both Sonardyne’s automatic, detection and tracking algorithms (ADT) and the user’s own bespoke sonar processing capabilities.

The Sentinel sonar system has now been ordered or specified by over 30 customers worldwide. The system is designed to reliably detect, track and classify underwater threats to military ships, infrastructure and harbours. It provides early warning of unauthorised divers and / or underwater vehicles reaching a pre-determined exclusion zone around the target. The standard system can be mounted or deployed in a range of configurations including vessel, seabed, jetty or expeditionary. The system is autonomous with minimal operator intervention and proven capability across the world.

“Sonardyne is responding to our clients’ requirements by offering qualified customers the option of either a COTS (Commercial-Off-The-Shelf) or a MOTS system. With the recent launch of the Sentinel 1500 and 500 derivatives to compliment the established Sentinel 900 system, we now have a range of platforms that can meet all customers’ requirements with flexible technical options.”

Rob Balloch, Strategic Development Director for Sonardyne

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