Underwater technology company, Sonardyne International Ltd, has appointed Scandinavian Aerospace and Industry AB (SAI) as a reseller of its maritime security products in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and surrounding territories.

Based in Tyresö, Sweden, SAI supplies, supports and integrates commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) technologies for air, land and sea applications. It works with industrial and defence organisations across Scandinavia including harbour authorities, naval forces, maritime enforcement agencies and shipyards. Under the terms of the new agreement, SAI will now promote Sonardyne’s family of underwater security products; Sentinel IDS, NOAS and high resolution mine hunting sonar, Solstice.

Sentinel is the security industry’s most widely deployed intruder detection sonar, capable of reliably detecting, tracking and classifying divers and small underwater vehicles approaching a protected asset. Whether it is safeguarding a critical national infrastructure facility, strategic port or naval vessel at anchor, Sentinel provides a rapidly deployable, 360° underwater security solution for any scenario.

SAI is now amongst the first of Sonardyne’s resellers to have the opportunity to market the recently introduced Navigation and Obstacle Avoidance Sonar – NOAS. Installed in the bow of a vessel, 2D and 3D sonar arrays scan the water column looking for navigation hazards that could result in a collision or grounding. The system can be used as a standalone navigation aid or integrated into a vessel’s existing bridge management system.

Commenting on the appointment, Hans Sandström, Business Development Director with SAI said that the company was delighted to be adding Sonardyne to their portfolio of maritime surveillance capabilities.

“For many organisations, the underwater domain remains a vulnerability in their security and navigation capabilities. However with technologies such as Sentinel now available to us, it is one we can now help our clients to close.”

Hans Sandström, Business Development Director with SAI