A Sonardyne Sentinel diver detection sonar is to be supplied as part of an integrated security package for one of the world’s largest megayachts currently under construction in a European shipyard.

Sonardyne is working with MarineGuard Systems Ltd, the yacht’s security systems integrator, to provide a Sentinel Intruder Detection Sonar and an electro-hydraulic through-hull deployment system. This will consist of gate valves, extension tubes, coffer dam and associated ancillaries and will enable the immediate automatic deployment and recovery of the Sentinel sonar array. The installation will be an application of a sonar solution developed by Sonardyne for all types of superyacht and includes through-hull, over-the-side and seabed frame deployment.

Sonardyne engineers will work with MarineGuard and the shipyard during the planning and installation of the through-hull deployment equipment, the subsequent installation of the Sentinel system and the operational sea trials.

Sentinel has proved itself to be the world’s most flexible underwater intruder detection sonar that is available for both temporary and permanent installations. This latest contract will be the fifth megayacht to be supplied with a Sentinel system in 2010 with deliveries already having been made in the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia. In addition to ‘off-the-shelf” systems that can be delivered quickly, Sonardyne has also created bespoke solutions for the protection of vessels ranging from 30m to integrated multiple sonar head systems for cruise liners and even larger ships.

“The opportunity to work with MarineGuard on such a prestige project illustrates the versatility of the Sentinel system – whether it’s an expeditionary over the side system or a fully integrated through-hull installation with proven offshore engineering.”

Rob Balloch, Strategic Development Director for Sonardyne

“Our contract with our client allowed us to technically evaluate the market to find key system suppliers. We believe that the Sonardyne Sentinel system offers our client the most effective deployment system and reliability in subsea detection.”

Richard Webb, Managing Director of MarineGuard

Sentinel operates by creating a 360 degree invisible underwater screen that provides an exclusion zone extending up to 900m from the vessel. It can be deployed in minutes when the vessel is stationary, at anchor or docked and it can be operated by unskilled crew members for whom no prior knowledge of sonar is necessary. The system includes a built-in test capability to ensure reliability and built-in analysis tools to determine its effectiveness in any maritime environment. Other options include a wireless / network advisory tool that can send alerts of any underwater threat / activity to a Windows-based device anywhere in the world or to simply guide a security craft to intercept the threat.

Sentinel can be installed as a stand-alone system or integrated with state-of-the-art radar and electro-optic technology. This can combine both local and wide area surveillance controlled at a central interface. This allows a crew to automatically project a complete surface, air and underwater security zone around a yacht.

MarineGuard Systems Ltd is a UK based company that specialises in integrated security systems for yachts and offshore oil and gas installations including the integration of radar, electro-optics and other surveillance systems.

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