Sonardyne International Ltd.’s Ranger 2 acoustic positioning technology has been selected by leading marine navigation systems group, Transas, for use on two new build ice-class multi-purpose salvage vessels (MPSVs, the project is developed by Marine Engineering Bureau) commissioned by the Russian Ministry of Transport. The vessels are currently under construction at Nordic Yards in Germany and will each be fitted with dual Ranger 2 Pro systems, the highest specification available, in order to support complex underwater positioning and critical DP station keeping tasks.

In conventional Ultra-Short BaseLine (USBL) operating mode, Ranger 2 calculates the position of a subsea target, such an ROV or towfish, by measuring the range and bearing from a vessel-mounted transceiver to an acoustic transponder fitted to the target. By interfacing it to a dynamic positioning system, Ranger 2 can be used to simultaneously help maintain the vessel’s own position.

In Pro configuration, Ranger 2 adds support for Long and Ultra-Short BaseLine (LUSBL) acoustic positioning. The technique utilises a network of transponders deployed on the seabed to offer the highest levels of precision and repeatability and is widely used for applications where maintaining a reliable vessel position is a critical operational requirement. In this respect, Transas has additionally specified that each vessel be equipped with dual redundant Ranger equipment. All vessel-mounted hardware is duplicated and interconnected so that failure in one any element, will not affect the system’s ability to provide a continuous position output to the DP system.

“Transas Group is an international supplier of high-tech products with many years of experience in creating integrated onboard systems for ships and a large partner base around the world. As participants of our projects, we invite only reliable manufacturers of marine equipment and technology, and choosing Sonardyne products is not accidental. The company offers the most advanced solutions in the sphere of subsea acoustic positioning systems with an optimal ratio of price and quality.”

Dmitry Lagoutin, General Director of Transas Navigator, Ltd (Transas Group)

“We have a longstanding relationship with Transas and have been involved in many of their recent ship system installations. Such is the complexity of operations these new Russian Ministry of Transport vessels are expected to undertake once they are commissioned, Ranger 2 Pro was the optimum solution to supply. The redundancy offered by the technology provides complete assurance that the vessels will be able to carry out their important work in all circumstances.”

Simon Goldsworthy, Sales Manager at Sonardyne

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