Sonardyne Group Ltd has announced the acquisition, effective from April 1st 2008, of Wavefront Systems Ltd., a UK design company specialising in sonar and underwater technology.

Wavefront Systems Ltd, based in Sherborne, Dorset, was founded in 2004 by a team of defence sonar engineering professionals and has grown substantially with a focus on design and development services to the military and commercial undersea market worldwide. The Wavefront team’s extensive knowledge and experience covers all aspects of sonar system design including performance modelling, acoustics, algorithms, hardware and software.

Wavefront adds many years of sonar design experience to Sonardyne’s subsea technology engineering team, adding an extra dimension to its core oil and gas capability and its innovative and rapidly expanding maritime defence and security expertise.

“The success of the recently launched Sonardyne Sentinel diver detection system illustrates the real strength of the co-operation between the two companies. This acquisition enables a longer term approach to system design and development.”

John Partridge, Chairman, Sonardyne Group Ltd

Although part of the Sonardyne Group, Wavefront will continue to operate as an autonomous subsidiary developing innovative hardware and software solutions for the next generation of sonar systems with industry partners and customers alike.

Sonardyne is based in Yateley, UK with regional operating subsidiaries in Aberdeen, the USA, Singapore and Brazil. It is a world leader in the design and manufacture of acoustic positioning, inertial navigation, subsea communications and sonar technology systems for the offshore oil and gas, ocean scientific and maritime security industries.

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