Following the introduction of Sonardyne International Ltd.’s new acoustic metrology software, Connect, offshore survey company UTEC has become the first operator to use the technology on a real world campaign. Developed in conjunction with software engineering company, 4D Nav, Connect was used as the primary tool to collect and process metrology data between two flanges set 30 metres apart in the waters off the East Coast of Canada.

Sonardyne Compatt 6 transponders were deployed to form a braced quad for baseline measurements with a high precision depth sensor interfaced to a work class ROV. Using Connect, the survey team collected inclinometer data from the Compatts and pressure data from the ROV sensor whilst also collecting baseline measurements. The process was repeated using Sonardyne’s Fusion 6G LBL acoustic positioning system, allowing the time-of-flight and network adjustment calculations in both packages to be directly compared.

“Connect is designed to assist the user with all stages of a metrology campaign. It eases operator burden and complexity by introducing expert settings, automated data collection scripts and robust reduction of measurement from planning to report. Tailored customer reports are generated with the final results with supporting data and QC, improving the speed and integrity of data processing for acoustic, inertial and implied metrology techniques.”

Peter Major, Survey manager at Sonardyne

“We processed the data using both traditional spreadsheet methods and Connect, giving us results that agreed very closely. The spoolpiece built using these results was also installed without any problems. Taking part in these projects using the new software is a fantastic opportunity for UTEC and provides us with the ability to introduce more quality control into future metrology operations.”

Jason Peters, General Manager of UTEC US

Connect metrology software is being demonstrated on stand by Sonardyne (G300) 4D Nav (J555), and UTEC (I150) at Oceanology International in London.