WSM Terminal is a program used to configure and test the following types of beacon:

Type 8270 & 8271 WSM6
Type 8070 & 8071 WSM
Type 7970 & 7973 Super Sub-Mini
Type 7971, 7977 & 7978 PGT

Its most common application is to configure the beacon’s interrogation and reply channels.
WSMs for example, can be configured with three types of acoustic protocols: wideband transmissions, legacy tone channels, or as an HPR beacon.

The program also reads and configures parameters such as Power Level and Gain settings (for WSM), the beacon’s Depth Sensor (if fitted), and battery status. Other functions are available according to the beacon type and the firmware fitted.

Diagnostic checks also come with the program. A simple Responder test “pings” the beacon to check that transmissions are present and a more sophisticated test is available in conjunction with Sonardyne’s Type 7343 ANT.

Software Compatibility