This new release is a critical firmware update that makes sure the internal battery pack is automatically connected (electronically) when external power is applied.

The internal battery pack, installed in the WMT and AvTrak 6, provides energy storage to reduce the external power supply requirements when transmitting telemetry.

The internal battery pack will also be disconnected after a period of time when external power is removed; this is determined by battery charge level and operation in order to prevent the battery deep discharging.

This is to ensure the WMT/AvTrak 6 is immediately ready for operation when power is re-applied.

The firmware will be sent in a separate email. Instructions on how to carry out the update can be found in the user manuals:

Section 11 (Page 99) – WMT User Manual (UM-8190 A0 WMT)

Section 11 (Page 104) – AvTrak 6 User Manual (UM-8220 A0 AvTrak 6 Transceivers).

WMT / AvTrak 6 Firmware v3.09.00.14 Release notification