The Sonardyne Plot Utility is a general purpose tool that enables you to import time series data from a variety of sources and plot them against time. 

Plot Utility input sources:

– USBL V6 CSV files
– Fusion/Pharos database MDB files
– Generic CSV files from other sources

Plot Utility features:

– Time is always shown on the horizontal (X) axis 
– Each data set (or channel) can be plotted on one or more stacked Y axes
– The user can add new data sets from a variety of sources to existing Y axes or new Y axes
– Any channels can be added or removed at any time
– Any YAxis may be removed at any time
– The user may zoom in/out over any area within the plot, and zoom to fit is also available
– Certain calculations may be performed on an existing channel or channels to produce a new channel

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