Generate is a simple serial telegram simulator that can be used to emulate hardware that is often interfaced to LUSBL V6 and Fusion systems. It simulates fixed or dynamic values for pitch, roll, heading, latitude, longitude and depth. It then uses these values to create a serial telegram that is sent on the selected comms port. For example, generate can be used to send a $GPGGA telegram instead of a GPS unit to allow testing of the software.

Multiple copies of the program can be started to simulate multiple inputs.

It currently supports 23 different serial telegram formats as follows:

$GPGGA, $GPGLL, $GPZDA, $SONDEP, $PSSIROV, $DBS, $PRDID, $HCHDM, $HEHDT, $PSXN23, TSS 1, EM1000, EM3000, Robertson, SG Brown, SGB ASCII, Pisces ROV, UTC, DVL PD5, MDL2, CDL1, Digilog, Meridian, MiniPos1, Custom, Replay

The custom telegram type allows the user to create an ASCII or binary telegram. If replay is selected then the program will read ASCII telegrams from a file outputting them at the defined interval looping round the file infinitely. This allows data from an instrument to be recorded through a terminal program and then replayed through generate.

– Added $PSONALL telegram.
– Fixed the $SDDPT telegram format.