As part of Sonardyne’s continuous programme of product development, Sonardyne is pleased to announce a new release of firmware V3.05.13.11. This firmware is applicable to:

– Compatt 6 (8300)
– GyroCompatt 6 (8084)
– DPT 6 (8301)
– PIES (8302)
– Fetch (8306)
– 6G Acoustic Modem (8307)
– SLT (8308)

This firmware release ensures that the resolution of pitch and roll data for precision inclinometers is 0.01 degrees (previous this was approximately 0.05 degrees). The greater precision will be automatically be reported on sensor data provided the DAS is running firmware V2.06M or greater.

In addition, it provides support for the upcoming RoHS compliant tilt switch which is fitted to the transmitter card in the above products. Units built from July 2017 will require this firmware (or later) in order to correctly report the tilt status of the beacon.

See the Release Notification for more details.

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