The new AMT, Compatt 6, DPT 6, Fetch, PIES and SLT firmware V3.05.07.09 provides several new features and bug fixes to the previous version.

Improved processing efficiency and more intelligent power management have resulted in this release of firmware providing a significant increase in battery life during periods of prolonged navigation where the interrogation interval is faster than 10s.  The battery life of the Compatt can be increased by as much as 30%, depending on the operating scenario. The new firmware now correctly matches the battery life calculator.

Other notable improvements:

  • Support for high data rate telemetry schemes – TS6 (3500 bps) and TS7 (9000 bps)
  • Extension to the FFT command to allow FFT data to be captured acoustically
  • Improved Modem Support – for easier connection to external devices (particularly ADCPs)
  • Improved Multiuser Subscription capability including full control of activity times
  • Extension to the SENS command to allow multiple readings to be taken periodically (providing support for Sonardyne’s SensorView software


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