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WSM 5 – Technical Bulletins

14 July 2021

Technical Bulletins relating to WSM 5 can be viewed and downloaded by clicking on the link below.

Changes To The Depth Rating of Type 8070 Wideband Sub-Minis TB 09-002

Announcement that all Type 8070 Wideband Sub-Mins have been re-classified from a 3,000 metre depth rating to 4,000 metre depth rating.

WSM Chargers TB 08-007

Due to batch tolerances, it has been found that the voltage output by a WSM charger at the end of the charge process (when the current drops to a trickle charge), can rise to 30 V or even higher. This high voltage has caused some failures to occur in transponders when they transmit an acoustic pulse.

Wideband Sub-Mini Spring Loaded Vent TB 08-004

To reduce the risk of deploying Wideband Sub-Mini beacons without fully closing the pressure relief valve a sprung loaded pressure relief valve has been introduced. The new pressure relief valve has been incorporated in all new units effective from 25th February 2008. The new pressure relief valve is gold in colour (original valves are red) and is designed to fit flush with the switch end cap name plate when closed.

Installation Guide for Spring Loaded Vent Valve Kit on Type 8070 WSM Transponders IG-8070-047

This guide details the procedure involved in installing a sprung loaded vent valve on Type 8070 Wideband Sub-Mini Transponders.


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