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GDT 6 USBL – Technical Bulletins

14 July 2021

Technical Bulletins relating to GDT 6 USBL can be viewed and downloaded by clicking on the link below.

Compatibility of New Digital USBL Transceiver with V6 LUSBL Software TB 04-006

Some older versions of Sonardyne’s L/USBL software do not allow sufficient time to allow a connection to be established to the latest generation of Generic Digital Transceivers (GDT).

LUSBL Transceivers – Use of Protective Covers TB 04-012

A number of L/USBL transceivers have been returned for repair with damage to the front face where the damage appears to have been caused by transceiver being scraped along the vessel deck. It is apparent that this is occurring on portable systems where the transceiver is fitted on an over the side pole arrangement.

Cleaning USBL Transceiver Arrays TB 08-008


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