Please be aware, WSM 5 has been superseded by WSM 6+ and is available for special order only.

what we said at the time

Sonardyne’s family of Wideband Sub-Minis (WSM) are a versatile range of USBL beacon/ responders designed for positioning ROVs, towfish and other mobile targets in water depths up to 4,000 metres.

Compact and rugged, WSMs incorporate the latest Sonardyne Wideband® signal technology which offers superior ranging accuracy, operation in a multi-user, multi-vessel environment and fast USBL position updates. In addition to supporting new Sonardyne Wideband® signals, WSMs also support traditional Sonardyne tone and HPR 300 and HiPAP® channels. A link allows the WSM to be configured for use with all of the popular MF frequency acoustic navigation systems.

The Type 8071 WSM – USBL Beacon is equipped with an omni-directional transducer and is depth rated to 1,000 metres making it suitable for a wide ranger of general USBL tracking application.

The Type 8070 WSM – USBL Beacon is a 4,000 metre rated unit and features a high-power directional transducer with an acoustic output comparable to Sonardyne’s most powerful full size seabed transponders.

Both types of WSM have a depth sensor fitted as standard to aid USBL positioning accuracy and an external On/Off switch for ease of use and storage when not in use.

The Type 8070 WSM is also available with the ability to activate an external release mechanism.