Wideband Release Transponder 6 is a tough, reliable acoustic release designed for subsea construction applications and is fully compatible with our 6G® transceivers and USBL systems. WRT 6 provides a safe and efficient way to remotely control the release of structures such as manifolds, templates and pipelines, click here for applicaions in Construction and Survey. The WRT 6 is derived from the field proven technology in our Compatt 6 and the mechanics of the highly reliable Oceanographic Release Transponders.

The WRT 6 integrates the functionality of a Wideband®2 compatible navigation transponder coupled with an integrated high load release mechanism. WRT 6 can be tracked and released using standard 6G USBL systems.

Standard features include a Working Load Limit of 1,275 kg (at 4:1) and a spring-assisted release mechanism.

A Battery Disconnect Fob is located on the transducer and uses an internal magnetic switch to electronically disconnect the battery when not in use.

The WRT 6 is compatible with standard ORT/DORT tandem and high load release frames.

WRT 6 is compatible with Sonardyne’s iWAND 6G portable hand held acoustic transponder test and configuration device.

WRT 6 is compatible with Compatabile with Heavy Duty Release Frames for deployment of heavy loads.