The ViewPoint subsea navigation tool software offers a suite of navigation tools extending the functionality of Sonardyne’s industry proven Ultra-Short BaseLine (USBL) and Long BaseLine (LBL) acoustic positioning systems. ViewPoint offers fast setup and operation by utilising Sonardyne’s simple interfacing telegrams and offers unlimited, fully customisable, remote stations through networks.

ViewPoint systems consist of a single master station and unlimited remote stations. The master station is serially linked into Sonardyne’s acoustic positioning systems allowing automated transfer, setup and display of vessels and tracked targets. This serial link also provides a low risk interface for the navigation display as computer viruses or human error cannot feed back into the acoustic positioning system, thereby ensuring DP operations are unaffected.

When changes to the acoustic positioning system are made, such as adding new tracked targets, Viewpoint master stations are automatically informed and display the new targets on-screen without the requirement for any user intervention. When targets are de-selected from the acoustic position system, ViewPoint is notified and the targets are removed from the screen display.

A ViewPoint master station can supply an unlimited number of user configurable remote Viewpoint stations through a vessels computer network. This allows for ViewPoint navigation screens to be installed in a variety of locations including captain and engineering offices, ROV shack, dive superintendant office, crane operator shack, clients cabins etc. Any number of remote stations can be installed provided each has access to a network cable. ViewPoint has the added security that each user can customise their display without affecting those of other stations.

Viewpoint also supports full DWG AutoCAD background drawings with layer control, provides onscreen guidance and measurement tools, configurable vehicle outline shapes and offsets, waypoints and geodesy.